YT Ad Service FAQs

Answer - Yes you can do YouTube advertising yourself. You will spend a mass amount of time trying to get your ad to the right places and then you will have to manage all the keywords and all that comes with babysiting the campaign. You can hire a marketing person and spend $1,500-$2,500 a month for them to do it plus the ad spend to YouTube. That means you could easy spend $2,500-$3,500 a month for that. By using YT Ad Service, we do all the work for you at the price you want to spend for the Ad ONLY.  There are no extra cost for us to manage from start to finish. Just upload the video, set the Ad duration and monthly budget and we do the rest. It is that simple. 

Answer - No. YT Ad Service in no way is endorsed or is in partnership with YouTube. We advertise local businesses on YouTube through paid advertising.

Answer -  We specialize in one thing...YouTube Advertising. Whether you want leads fast, gain more customers for your local business or brand your local business name, we will make sure it happens. You pay for the advertising and we handle the rest.

Our YouTube marketing experts have successfully ran over $10 million dollars in paid advertising traffic and know online YouTube advertising inside and out.