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  • Did you know YouTube has Over 1.5 billion users?

  • YouTube Ads are more effective than TV Ads

  • YouTube Ads reach more 18-49 year olds than Cable TV

#1 Expand Your Reach

There are few sites online that have the reach YouTube does. It’s the second-biggest search engine, after all. With 1.5 million users every month, and each of those users spending at least 40 minutes on the site, that’s an incredible amount of users you can be reaching every day.

#2 Find Your Audience

Target audiences can be very difficult to pinpoint. But YouTube has so many options, you can’t help but find your exact target audience. Choose by demographics, interests, topics, and even videos shown after your ad. You have so many options to target your audience, it will be easier than ever!

#3 Grab Prospects Attention

With other types of online advertising, you have just seconds to grab a user’s attention before they keep scrolling. YouTube ads are longer though, and the average user spends 40 minutes at a time on the site. That’s a lot of time to grab the attention of prospects!

#4 Track Your Success

There’s really no point in running an advertising campaign without being able to track the results. That’s the only way you know if it’s successful! With Google Analytics and YouTube analytics, tracking your YouTube campaigns has never been easier. The information is all right there for you at a glance!

#5 Low Cost

What’s better than advertising that gets your prospects, lets you track it all, and does it all for a very low cost? Nothing! It’s just another thing that makes YouTube ads so great. You decide how much you pay and we do the rest for you at no extra cost!

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